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2013 KCSE Examinations

Here at free Kenya certificate of Secondary Education past papers website, we have received a lot of requests for either the prediction of questions that will appear in 2013 KCSE exams or leakage of 2013 KCSE examination.

First, let me say that I created free KCSE past papers website to make revision for KCSE exams easy for our brothers and sisters in secondary schools in Kenya. By the way, this is the only website you can download KCSE past papers without paying a cent. This helps to save money and allow you to revise for the KCSE exams which will lead to better KCSE results.

In no way does free KCSE past papers website engage in encouraging in cheating in KNEC examinations. If you come to my website expecting such unscrupulous behaviour, you are in the wrong place. I am not apologetic for this. Even parents have called me asking me to assist their kids with leakages. Let me say categorically that this is not what I do. The philosophy of free KCSE exams website is to bring digital learning environment to students in Kenya by encouraging hard work and broad reading and revision.

Free KCSE past papers website is my idea; Dr. Joshua Arimi. Currently, I am senior lecturer at KeMU.

I got to where I am through hard work and sacrifices. I started Joshuaarimi.com in 2008 after realising that secondary school students could not find KCSE revision materials online. The website was ideally to empower students through provision of online KCSE past papers and answers. As the website grew, I started offering National school mock examinations, then district mock examinations and KCSE pre-mock exams.

A lot of students and teaching visit my website for free KCSE papers. I therefore decided to create a website dedicated only to KCSE past papers. That is how free KCSE past papers website was born.

I have moved all content in joshuaarimi.com to free KCSE past papers website. I will be uploading all KCSE past papers in this new website.

I have all KCSE past papers from 1995-2012. I also have KCSE District Mock examinations and pre-mock examinations. See the links on the left for downloads.

As I am occupied with my teaching and research duties, I have a very responsible and university student to help you in all your needs concerning KCSE papers. Please contact Erick on 0720502479 for any help in KCSE past papers.

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