404 KCSE 2012 Biology District Mock Examinations

KCSE 2012 Biology District Mock Exams- Free

Pressure is mounting and you are wondering where to start when revising for your 2012 KCSE exams. This is my gift to you, over 15 Districts KCSE Biology Mock Papers.

BIO2012 [download id=576 hits] (Paper 1 and 2- 256 pages)

BIO2012 [download id=577 hits] (Paper 3- 64 pages)

Free answers [download id=578 hits] (5 Districts)

I know you are doing final touches in preparation for 2012 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examinations (2012 KCSE exams).

Dont wory, as usual I will offer as much help as I can to assist you prepare well for your exams and I know you will come out successful.

I will offer you advice as well as 2012 KCSE examination revision papers.

I know I have been very quiet lately. It is not in a bad way, everything is fine and I am keeping well. I humbly receive your wonderful prayers through the comments section of this website and I know God will keep us well.

I see most of you leave very encouraging comments after using this website. I am happy for you too. God bless you.

When you pass your exams and succeed in life, it is a win-win situation for all of us and Kenya as a whole.

Therefore put that extra effort to come out smiling after sitting for your 2012 KCSE exams.

I am currently uploading 2012 KCSE Mock exams from different districts in Kenya. The free KCSE mock papers will provide you will wonderful revision material as you prepare for the final KCSE exams that will take place late October.

If you have not yet downloaded your free 2012 KCSE Biology mock papers from over 15 Districts in Kenya get them here.

BIO2012 [download id=576 hits] (Paper 1 and 2- 256 pages)

BIO2012 [download id=577 hits] (Paper 3- 64 pages)

Free answers [download id=578 hits] (5 Districts)

Steps to receive  answers for these 2012 Biology District Mock papers.

1. Send Kshs 200 (all answers for P1, P2 and P3) by M-pesa to 0720502479

2. Send sms to 0720502479 giving your email address and the code (i.e.  BIO2012).

3.We will email you the file with answers instantly. If not possible, within 24 hours.

4. Make sure you send sms from the same number that transfers money by M-pesa.

All the best in your revision.

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