Starehe Boys 2016 mini-mock past papers


We have Starehe Boys’ 2016 mini-mock past papers. We are selling the whole set of question papers at Kshs 200. Marking schemes are not available as of now. Also, we have revised our prices for the 2016 past papers as below:

  • Alliance Boys’ End of term 1 ,2016- Kshs 200
  • Alliance Girls’ Pre-Mock,2016- Kshs 200
  • MOKASA – Kshs 100
  • Starehe Boys’ Mini-Mock,2016 -Kshs 200

Please Mpesa the money to 0720502479 and text me your email address for delivery purposes.

You can contact FRANCIS through the same number, ie 0720502479 for any assistance.

We are committed to giving back to the community by providing Free KCSE past papers and other revision material to students.

Reason why we sell some KCSE Past Papers and MOCK marking schemes

We sell marking schemes for KCSE past papers, MOCK papers and a few past papers from top national schools to support daily running of the website, ie, The funds we get take care of hosting services, development and maintenance services of the website and acquisition of more KCSE past papers and other revision material.

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    • Elizabeth;

      Regarding Starehe Boys Mini-Mock papers, you send Kshs 200 .Please Mpesa the money to 0720502479 and text me your preferred email address for delivery purposes.

  1. Mohammed Shafeeq on

    excuse me sir, how long will the papers take to arrive after I pay? I need one urgently, can I get it over the weekend? And will the papers be delievered at my doorstep?

  2. hello sir. i made the payment and submitted my preferred email address, approximately how long will i wait for the delivery? pliz…