Free 2018 Mock Booklets

2018 mock booklets are now available with each subject with over 15 different papers from various regions of our beloved country. The papers are from top performing regions, therefore; they are good for preparing for the forthcoming exams. Questions papers are provided for free. Marking scheme is also available at a small fee of Kshs 100 per booklet or Kshs 500 for all the booklets. Payment is possible via Mpesa to the number 0720502479. Note: After paying you will be required to send your email address and the subjects you have paid for to the same number via SMS for delivery through email.

Note: The paid papers will have the following advantages over free papers:

  • Marking scheme will be availed.
  • The papers will be send to the email in the original format meaning they will be more clear.
  • Paid papers are more complete than free papers.
  • The papers will be in an editable format. What’s editable format? The content of any document that is in editable format can be altered, meaning, you can delete, modify and save without any problem.

Below download question papers for free:

2018 Agriculture Booklet

2018 Biology Booklet

2018 Business Studies Booklet

2018 Chemistry Booklet

2018 CRE Booklet

2018 English Booklet

2018 Geography Booklet

2018 history booklet

2018 kiswahili booklet

2018 mock maths booklet

2018 physics booklet

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  1. Thanks for your continued support. Biology booklet has alot of parts missing. Could you please rectify that. Otherwise thanks once more

    1. Hello, if you read the post carefully, you will see that I have indicated paid papers are more complete than the free papers. This is because the free papers have been optimized for web publication.

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