2019 MOKASA History Paper 1 & Paper 2

2019 MOKASA History Paper 1

  1. Give two functions of council of elders among the Akamba. (2 marks)
  2.      Give two ways of interaction between Kenya societies in the 19th  (2 marks)
  3.      Identify the name of the council of elders among Mijikenda community.    (1 mark)
  4.      Give one written source that shows contacts between the Kenyan coast and the outside     world up to 1200 AD.                                                                          (1 mark)
  5.      Give two contributions  of the early missionaries in the field of education (2 marks)
  6.      Identify two special groups whose rights are protected by Kenyan constitution.                                                                                                                                                (2 marks)
  7.      State two reasons why colonial government encouraged settler farming in Kenya                                                                                                                                            (2 marks)
  8.      Identify two political challenges that Kenyans faced at independence.        (2 marks)
  9.      Identify one reason why trade unions were formed in Kenya by 1914.        (1 mark)
  10.      State one way of becoming a member of parliament in Kenya.                    (1 mark)
  11.      Name the body in charge of election in Kenya.                                             (1 mark)
  12.      Identify one demerit of parliamentary supremacy.                                        (1 mark)
  13.      Give one factor considered in reviewing electoral boundaries in Kenya.     (1 mark)
  14.      Give one function of the Senate.                                                                    (1 mark)

2019 MOKASA History Paper 2

  1. Define the term history. (1 mark)
  2.      Identify two methods used by archeologists to date fossils.                          (2 marks)
  3.      Give two characteristics of early agriculture in Europe before the Agrarian revolution.  (2 marks)
  4.      Identify one river responsible for early agriculture in Mesopotamia.            (1 mark)
  1.      Give two shortcomings of barter trade.                                                          (2 marks)
  2.      Identify the person who invented the first aeroplane.                                    (1 mark)
  3.      Name two early metals used in industrial development.                                (2 marks)
  4.      Give two advantages of metal tools over stone tools.                                    (2 marks)
  5.      Identify one early urban centre in Europe.                                                     (1 mark)
  6.      Give the main reason for the development of Kilwa as an early urban centre. (1 mark)
  7.      Identify two communities that took part in the Maji Maji rebellion.             (2 marks)
  1.      Give the main reason why Europeans used scorched earth policy against African   (1 mark)
  2.      Name the policy adopted by France and Britain to avoid the outbreak of another war after the First World War.   (1 mark)


18. (a) Identify five hunting methods used by early man. (5 marks)
(b) Describe the culture of man in the Middle Stone Age period. (10 marks)
19. (a) Identify five methods used to acquire slaves during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.(5mks)
20.  List five traditional forms of communication. (5 marks)
Explain five negative impacts of modern means of communication. (10 marks)
21. (a) Outline the structure of the League of Nations. (3mks)

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