Wishing you all the best- 2014 KCSE Candidates

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KCSE 2014 Alliance High School Post-Mock Examinations

2014 Alliance High School KCSE Post-Mock examinations are now available to help you revise for 2014 KCSE exams. Alliance High School is one of the top performing schools in this country for many years now. That can assure you that they know very well how the KCSE exams are set and the key areas to […]


2014 KCSE County Mock Questions and Answers

I am not trying to scare you, but it is one, I mean 1 month to 2014 KCSE exams. This is not the time to panic or get scared. I believe you have been playing your part well, that is taking your class work seriously and revising hard. By the way, a big leap towards […]


Finally, it is time to report back to school for the third term. Lets assume you are in Form Four, what is the feeling like right now? Are you worried about the forth coming exams? are you wondering what is it like to be in final term of secondary school? Are you wondering what will […]


KCSE 2014 County and Top National School Mocks Papers

This is August holidays period, enjoy yourself, but, at the same time remember come October 2014 there will be KCSE exams. Take your holidays to relax while spicing it with revision. Don’t just take it easy. Some hard work will eventually pay. We have Alliance High school 2014 Mock papers, Kabarak High school 2014 KCSE […]