kcse past papers agriculture

KCSE past papers -Agriculture papers are available for free. Marking schemes are available at a fee of Kshs 20 per paper.Please Mpesa the money to 0720502479 and text me your email address for delivery purposes.
You can contact FRANCIS through the same number,ie 0720502479 for assistance. Follow the links below to download free Agriculture KCSE past papers:
KCSE 1995-2005 Agriculture Questions
KCSE 1995-2012 Agriculture Questions
KCSE 2006-2009 Agriculture P 1&2
KCSE 2006-2012 Agriculture P 1&2
KCSE 2007 Agriculture P1-E
KCSE 2007 Agriculture P2-E
KCSE 2008 Agriculture P1-E
KCSE 2008 Agriculture P2
KCSE 2009 Agriculture P1
KCSE 2009 Agriculture P2
KCSE 2010 Agriculture P1
KCSE 2010 Agriculture P2
KCSE 2011 Agriculture P1
KCSE 2011 Agriculture P2
KCSE 2012 Agriculture P 1& 2
KCSE 2012 Agriculture P1
KCSE 2012 Agriculture P2

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