2016 KCSE Best Wishes


I take this opportunity to wish you the very best in your forthcoming exams. Stop worrying about what’ll happen when things go wrong during exam time and after exam. Start thinking about how wonderful life will be when things go right during and after exams.  All the best in your revision.  Success is all I can see ahead.  We work very hard in ensuring that best of the best revision material is availed through this facility- do not let us down. www.freekcsepastpapers.com and www.freekcpepastpapers.com are side projects run by hardworking individuals, i.e., for the sake of hardworking students, teachers, parents and guardians. We work late at night after our normal daily duties to ensure that the websites are running smoothly. If you have applied the same spirit in your studies, success is all you will get. Success in your revision.


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